Wednesday, 13 December 2017

On The Mat Day 922: Extra Activities

Today James and I added an extra hour before the morning class. The following was what we did:

1) 10 mins quick passing drills for warmup (it is Winter after all)
2) 10 mins each working on an attacking technique (mine was isolating arm in side control)
3) 10 mins flow rolling (increase stamina and quickness of thinking)
I did plan to do some time on weak areas but the time was up and class was about to start.

We are back on track doing this and hope it will accelerate our technique. I think it is super important you don't take the BJJ journey alone. Tag teaming with somebody will put 2 minds together to work on flaws, weaknesses and analyze problems. I think this is a necessity and makes the journey less lonesome.

I've been doing well with butterfly sweep using the belt as leverage. I have confidence enough to sweep pretty much anyone with it now. Today, I managed to butterfly sweep a guy who outweighs me by about 30 kg. Although, I failed to maintain top after the sweep (something to work on). I am astounded by how powerful this sweep is, in fact smaller guys are the only ones I find I have problems with because they are very nimble and will either base out with a leg somehow or immediately stand back up.

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