Thursday, 30 November 2017

On The Mat Day 916: What I am focusing on

We are soon moving into December here. The mat is getting cold and I've started getting slight frostbite on my toes. I'm actually enjoying BJJ more than ever right now because I know what to focus on. These are what I am doing right now.

  • Butterfly Guard
  • Single-X Guard
  • X-Guard
  • Leglocks
In no particular order I am trying to improve these 4 parts of my game. I've discovered they are less likely to cause an injury or exacerbate current injuries, namely my knee and neck. They also tie in really well with each other. I don't know why I didn't start doing these guards earlier. I will also sometimes use 50/50 but its more of a safety net for me to use so I can slow the opponent down.

I've also been training in both gi and nogi by an equal amount which I really enjoy. My philosophy is that you need to do both.

The only area I really need to get working on is my nutrition and building stamina. It's constantly on my mind. Right now I can be efficient in rolls with younger less experienced guys but put me up against somebody who is equal or better than me and has more gas in the tank and I get smashed. I like to get smashed though, it makes me want to train harder.

Some images below courtesy of K and F-sensei.

Sparring with Yayoi, I should have better foot position

Sparring with James in my sexy new Adidas rashguard

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