Monday, 1 January 2018

On the Mat Day 930: Happy New Year 2018!

So this year has been OK in terms of my improvement in BJJ. It's hit some high points and low points. There have been many times that I have felt I was getting worse but I think it's just the fact that everyone around me is getting better. The younger blue belts are getting tougher to spar with probably because their learning curve is so high and with a couple of years of BJJ training a young and athletic blue belt can give someone like me, who has 8 years experience, a hard time. This is normal particularly if they are training more frequently than me at a pace of 4-5 times a week compared to my 3 times a week.

Training more frequently will definitely up your game. As long as you train smart and are either trying new things or polishing your best moves. I'm at a point right now where I'm thinking about how to improve more efficiently, just as we want to roll more efficiently. I've considered more cardio training to help me roll longer. I've also considered adding an extra drilling/flow and specific sparring session per week. I definitely need to sort out my diet, I don't feel in shape at all. I will continue with the X-guard, single-X and butterfly guard route because it is working for my body type and is not as hard on my body. I'd also like to attend some judo classes and start out at an easier pace this time. I was just too gung-ho in the past, thus leading to injury.

Another thing I am considering is making mind-maps, I've actually already started. Perhaps even make some technique videos that tie in with this mind-map so I have a clear and definite picture of what I want to do in various situations.

Goals for 2018
(Keeping in basic)

1. Improve cardio and drop some weight

2. Rehab my knee with weights and machines to improve its stability

3. Attend the wrestling lesson from Tani-san

4. Improve leg-locks

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