Thursday, 1 June 2017

On The Mat Day 846: New Yet Old Member

Yesterday was jiu-jitsu. I felt unusually tired out. I still went to train though. I think you get the best training when you feel tired or a bit drained of energy. Needless to say, after finishing up I felt fine.
I was surprised to see Tani-san, who has just joined the club. He is in fact a black belt from a sister club. Apparently, things didn't go well for him or he had a falling out so came to train with us. I've not asked the reason and it's really none of my business. I'm just happy to have another black belt on the mat to train with. I've trained a long time ago with him and he crushed me. He seems to have mellowed out, that or I have got better at preventing him putting his weight on me. He has a long history of judo, wrestling and MMA. He told me later on that he is actually licensed as being disabled due to all the injuries he has from martial arts. For instance, he needs to wear boots because he has damaged the nerves in his feet. He doesn't move like a disabled person on the mat but I can feel him hesitate in positions where he might re-injure himself. I know I do that. Especially when I feel like my knee is about to be bent badly and possibly re-injure it, I will not fight a sweep or something similar.

Today I did the P90X3 Challenge workout and wow it was great. All you do is pull ups and push ups. You set a goal (mine was 6 and 15) and I am grateful that I set it low because sustaining those numbers is hard. I was super pumped by the end of it though. This is the only workout of P90X3 so far that I feel condenses an entire workout of the original P90X into 30 minutes. I look forward to seeing how much better I will be on the mat in a few months. I always consider the words of Steve Maxwell when I am working out. P90X3 is just auxiliary fitness to support BJJ, if I hurt myself doing P90X I am missing the point. That is why when I feel a knee creak or joint move in a weird way or strain I will immediately stop or modify. In the past I used to push through this - such an idiot.

I got a new photo from the Dumau photo team on Facebook. I quite like how grizzled I look. Take a look below.
Bling, Bling!

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