Tuesday, 27 June 2017

On The Mat Day 859: Summer and Mosquitoes

Right now I'm not doing anything except BJJ 3 times a week. 4 if I get time away from work and family. I did actually start P90X3 a few weeks ago but just got to the first week. I enjoyed it but had some pain in my ribs when breathing so stopped...and never continued. It seems hard for me to stick to a program right now that I don't have a competition coming up. Getting ready to compete is a great stimulus for lighting a fire under your arse.

I'm considering starting training again from July and then competing around 2 months later. I'd like to do another competition this year before I get on with a lot of DIY projects around the house I've been putting off. I'd also like to start writing a novel again. BJJ is not the only thing in my life, though, it is a huge part of it - which keeps me mentally healthy.

It's getting hot at night. I woke several times last night and felt the sweat dripping down my back. I don't like using the air conditioner because it makes me feel like crap if I sleep with it on. I use it only a few times during the peak of summer, which usually comes around the middle of next month. I've also had a few mosquitoes visit me at night, a common occurrence this time each year. I killed 2 of the little shits, mashed them into the wall, leaving a splatter of blood on the wallpaper. Very satisfying but it's more mess to clean up. I fixed my mosquito tennis racket contraption so am now ready for them. Disturbed sleep over the last 2 nights has really taken its toll on me. During sparring today I felt so crappy and moved like an old lady.
Weapon of choice - cue Christopher Walken

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