Monday, 29 May 2017

On The Mat Day 845: Ready for the next fitness phase

Where did I get with P90X? you might ask. Well, I did it until the competition, which was my goal, then I let it go. That means I worked out with P90X for 9 weeks and had 4 weeks to complete. It served its purpose and got me into shape for my competition, which I won, might I add.

Now it's time for the next phase. I'm moving onto P90X3 and hoping to compete again after 2~3 months from now. The reason I left behind P90X was mainly because of the length. It was just too long, was starting to show its age (Tony's jokes started to grind on me) and I felt that I had done it way too many times already. P90X3 is bright and shiny and packed nicely into 30 minutes for each workout. I think this will give me more control over my time and perhaps add more BJJ sessions and jogging if I need to drop weight more.

I started with Total Synergistics this morning and it seemed fairly easy apart from the pull ups. The girl in the video is really in great shape. Definitely my type but then again I'm probably the thousandth man who has done the video and thought that. I'm also using Fitday again to record my calories. Something I haven't done for the past 3 weeks and have noticed a softening in my body.

BJJ training has been really good recently. I'm trying to improve my mental toughness and how I think. I've been listening to a lot of Jocko Willink podcasts and can related to what he says since he is also a BJJ black belt and makes references to it.

Here is me rolling with my instructor on Friday. Even when he is in a bad position, he uses subtle movement to sweep me.

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