Monday, 10 April 2017

P90X Week 6 Complete

I've just started on the 7th week of P90X. A week ago I felt drained of energy and a friend recommended that I try using Glutamine. I've used it in the past but haven't bought it for many years. I took about 5g and it seemed to help a bit. Either that or the warmer weather has made it getting up easier in the morning.

When doing P90X every day and also training BJJ (I trained 4 times last week) which is a high volume for me, there seems to come a point where you either stop doing the workout or push through and it starts to get better. I decided to push through because I want some good results and am getting ready to compete again in BJJ.

My stats this morning were:
April 10, 2017: 155/96 BP, 51 BPM, 83 cm waist, 74 kg
Compared with the start:
February 27, 2017: 143/79 BP, 50 BPM, 87 cm waist, 75.6 kg

Things seem to be getting better (except for blood pressure) so I'm doing something right. I've decided to use to calculate calories at a deficit of 500 a day, which is 3500 a week and equals under half a kilo of weight (hopefully fat). I'm trying to approach the diet part more scientifically now that I'm accustomed to eating higher fat and less carbohydrate. It might get tough.

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