Wednesday, 19 April 2017

On the Mat Day 827: 50/50 Guard and P90X Week7 Complete

I'm still chugging along at P90X while doing BJJ. My stats this week hadn't really changed at the time of recording them. I was still 74 kg and 83 cm waist. Although, just today, after training I weighed myself and was at 72.6 kg. I couldn't believe it so had to weight myself again. I must have dropped a lot of water during today's training at the club.

I'm basically calculating all my calories on Fitday and it seems to be slowly and steadily working to drop my weight. My greatest consumption comes from fats in the form of avocado, macadamia nuts, walnuts, chia seeds, cream, cheese, MCT oil and eggs. My mood and energy is constant and I have even found that I think more clearly while sparring. Just today I saw a counter to a position I've never seen before. It felt like I was taking a back-seat and just pointing myself in the correct direction to get around what my opponent was doing.

Just the other night I watched That Sugar Film on Netflix. Wow, what a great movie, funny and informative like only an Australian could do. It really hit home how much crap the food industry tries to sell us without giving a shit about us. It added fuel to the fire for me to eat healthy. I try to only eat stuff in its natural form, this is not always easy, but I feel it is paying off both in my health and while doing BJJ.
I've also registered for the Dumau competition on May 7th. To get ready for it I've been adding 10 mins of nogi sparring at the end of each session with whoever will roll with me. I need to build up my gas tank.

I'm currently doing lots with the 50/50 guard. Just deconstructing leglocks, sweeps and how to get out of the damn thing. Does it look like 2 dogs having sex? Sort of but it really has opened up my game into other areas. I'm also right now digesting a 50/50 guard DVD loaned to me by Yoshida-san and made by Felipe Pena. It's achingly slow to get through and can at times make me go to sleep, but it has a lot of good stuff in there to pluck out.

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