Thursday, 30 March 2017

On the Mat Day 818: Leglocks

So I am still working on leglocks. Today during sparring all I concentrated on was putting everyone into 50/50 guard and working leglocks from there. So far, there appears to be around 6 leglocks that I have discovered. It's a lot of fun working this out.

It was warm enough to spar nogi today so I sparred a round with James then K-sensei. Lots of fun. Still feeling tired out from P90X so I switched Plyometrics for Triometrics from P90X3. It's half as short but still hard on the legs. I'm still doing the full weight-training workouts but also replaced Yoga and Kenpo X with yoga workouts of 30 mins (from various sources) and MMX (P90X3) respectively.
I feel tighter all over my body but it is a struggle to train BJJ 3x a week and do P90X. I bought some multi-vitamins and have even been taking naps when I feel really beaten up.

Nogi with James
Sparring in Gi (butterfly hooks)

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