Wednesday, 26 April 2017

On the Mat Day 831: Rolling with Brown Belts

I did Triometrics yesterday morning then cycled to jiu-jitsu. I feel it today because there were more people attending the day session than is usual. I got to spar with some other brown belts who have more time in than me, which was great, because it means I get beaten up which exposes my weaknesses. I've been fretting for a while since I only really get to spar with white and blue belts. It doesn't challenge me as much as a brown or black belt does. I constantly envy the blue belts who I train with because they have a huge pool of people who are better than them so they are improving all the time whereas I felt that I've been in a rut.

I sparred as much as I could yesterday. BJJ is not easy, especially in your 40s. I'm bruised and aching all over today. It's tough doing BJJ while doing P90X and also counting calories so I am at least 500 calories under required. I love it though. I feel like a gladiator getting my body ready. There are also so many things to work on, I constantly watch the videos I make of rolling and make notes and stuff I need to fix. It's like being in a laboratory.
I finished the session by sparring for 10 mins Nogi with Kameda-san, who constantly beat the crap out of me and tapped me more times that I can remember. He is a good training partner in that he is around the same weight as me and rolls without ego. Both happy to be offensive and work defensively. He also has different techniques I'm not used to going against that most folks don't do at our club. Those 10 minutes of rolling at the end go fast but the last 2 are exhausting.

My weight has dropped some, I'm around 73.6 right now. Down from just over 75 kg 2 months ago. It's not a huge drop but even when counting calories I find my weight yo-yos around from day to day.

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