Sunday, 26 March 2017

On the Mat Day 817: Drilling Leglocks / P90X Week 4 Complete

I've always liked leglocks and there is a lot of information out there about them plus they are very much in vogue right now. As a blue belt I used to go for straight ankle locks a lot. I've recently been studying all the terminology for the positions such as ashi garami, honey hole, saddle, etc. It's quite confusing because different people use different names. I think the garami and sankaku terminology that John Danaher uses is confusing. I think once I get all the positions clear in my head I will list them here with terminology that is out there but is clearly distinct for easy remembrance.

Today, I basically drilled the single leg X sweep and low single to enter into ashi garami. I also tried the Imanari Roll to see if I could do it and was pleasantly surprised that I have the dexterity to do it. I sparred with Yoshida-san no-gi for about 20 minutes non-stop almost today. Was a great roll and lots of fun. It's like dancing with a familiar partner who is dangerous yet careful about my safety.

Ogiyama-san also wanted to spar with me no-gi today and that was also fun. We go way back years now but it still seems like the other day he walked into the gym for the first time. Time flies when you do BJJ. He has recently split from his wife and he whispered to me that he recently got a couple of tattoos (they are sort of taboo in Japan). I took a look and thought it was cool that he got them done. Sure it might be a mid-life crisis he is going through but at least he is doing it in a positive manner.

I just finished the recovery week of P90X. It was very much not sticking to the schedule. I did a couple of workouts but also stretching and was going to train BJJ but was hit with a cold that kept me away from training. My diet has not been good at all. Eating too many carbs. After 3 weeks of P90X mixed with BJJ my body felt exhausted. I will still get on with it tomorrow. The workouts get harder but I like how it builds my stamina.

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