Tuesday, 21 March 2017

P90X Week 3 Complete

So I am finally into recovery week. It is very much needed. I feel extremely tired getting up early and working out while also doing BJJ 3 times a week. I do like the fact that I have more energy when I roll though.

I've just finished a 3 day holiday and although I didn't eat the way I wanted to. My carb intake definitely went up and also I ate more sugar than I wanted to. I think my body was telling me it needed more energy - not sure really. Anyway I got back onto eating well again this morning with a huge omelette then a chicken and avocado salad for lunch.

Unfortunately my body stats don't seem to have changed much.

February 27, 2017: 143/79 BP, 50 BPM, 87 cm waist, 75.6 kg

March 6, 2017: 144/79 BP, 51 BPM, 86 cm waist, 75 kg
March 13, 2017: 148/80 BP, 47 BPM, 84.5 cm waist, 74.8 kg
March 20, 2017: 128/75 BP, 48 BPM, 83 cm waist, 75 kg

So I gained a little weight but my waist shrunk. Perhaps I didn't measure it properly. After all I am right out of bed and doing this bleary-eyed. All I can do is keep going and maybe tweak some things in my eating.

One thing is, it does give me more confidence when I roll at BJJ because of the mental advantage in knowing I am working my ass off every morning while many of the guys I roll against probably aren't. 

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