Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Judo Day 14: Sore Everything

I met an old friend last night back from Australia for a week and went out for a few drinks to a British pub. He is such a c**t and took like forever to order me a drink or go to the toilet. :) (Inside joke and not true). It was good to catch up. Good to see you again Jim! However, this morning I was paying for it with a splitting headache and thought to myself "Uh huh, no way I'm training judo today".

I did a few things around the house and tried to recover. I've been looking at throws a lot recently and have come to love how beautiful a well executed throw is. The more I kept watching them on the computer today, the more I wanted to go and train. I'm also going to teach Turtle defence and attacks on Friday so wanted to see what the judo boys would do to me when I gave them the turtle position.

I of course ended up going to train (still a little worse for wear) and totally enjoyed it. Although, training was a bit rough for some reason. Maybe the cold because I couldn't feel my feet. I felt like I broke them a few times as they bent the wrong way a couple of times but no...they are still intact and fully functioning. Against turtle, the judo boys never really attacked me from the side even though I kept turning that way so I could sweep them. I either sat back into closed guard or butterfly guard or had to do a sit out because they would never attack me from the side. A few times I forced them to turtle so I could attack them. They just pancake out most of the time so I easily caught them in a calf crank. I know its illegal in judo but on the floor it's fair game for me since I meet them on their field while standing later on. I caught one in a crucifix but he wouldn't tap so I didn't want to put it on too heavy. I could not get a clock choke, they hunker down too tight leaving no gaps.

I feel beaten up now because I did almost the entire class and 8 rounds of standup sparring at the end. I usually do 5 or 6 at the most. I need a good sleep tonight because James and I will do some drills from 10am before class tomorrow.

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