Friday, 22 January 2016

BJJ Day 710: Teaching Turtle Attack and Defence

Turtle defence and the attacks is something I've wanted to get to grips with myself. With that in mind I decided to teach this aspect of BJJ for the next 2 sessions. I've always loved how Telles innovated the turtle guard and wanted to emulate some of his skill. I've also wanted for a long time to improve my crucifix. My preparation to teach these has really made me break down the techniques and both understand and memorize them much better.

At the beginning of the class I did a warmup drill with a standing passer simply throwing the legs of the person in guard to one side. The guarder turtles then does a Granby roll to return to open guard. I think the Granby roll is an important technique for any guard player to learn and it should be drilled as often as possible. I then moved on mixing attacks using the clock choke and crucifix and showed reversals using the trap and roll variations as well as reguarding. I think it's important to show both aspects of the technique you are studying. Finally, after the techniques I set the timer to 2 minutes and had one person turtle while the other attacked. We had to use the techniques covered but not go full out 100% strength. Instead help each other but give some resistance. I think this is super important to solidify the techniques covered in class.

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