Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Judo Day 13: Back to Training

I feel a little off. Poor timing and winded easier after only a week of no grappling over the holidays. I hope to build my stamina this year and improve on stand up more than ever and become more efficiency in jiu-jitsu. I am also very interested in movement, namely the MovNat workouts and Ido Portal. I've considered weight training but I think a more natural approach using body weight is probably best for me now at my age. With that in mind I went with my daughters the other day to the park where there are some hanging rings and pull up bars and messed around a bit. I've lost a lot of strength with pull ups and can't do many now. I think I need to work out a sequence of movements I can do in the park and get my arse out of bed in the morning and do it.

This kind of thing!

Today at Judo I got some tips from a very strong black belt on uchi-mata. He showed me what I was doing wrong and then informed me that it is risky to use it in BJJ (he also does BJJ) because of people going to single legs or taking you down with tani-otoshi. I still like the throw and enjoy the mechanics of it. It seems like a great technique to strengthen the upper body. I was also trying to get kosoto-gari a lot and managed to on lower level people. It seems like a good technique for BJJ after seeing Kondo-san use it a lot.

F-sensei asked me to teach and I told him I could do so on Friday morning. So from hereon I will teach the Friday morning class. I want to do things a little different, fewer techniques to drill and more focus on specific sparring. Also, more focus on escapes and survival for white belts. Basically, I want to cover stuff that I felt frustrated with as a white belt.

Good times.

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