Friday, 29 January 2016

BJJ Day 712: Teaching Turtle

I'm continuing to add warm up drills that I think are important as fundamental for the turtle guard or when you are turtled in a transition from an escape. These were:

1. Granby roll when the opponent has not completed the seat belt clinch on you
2. Switching as in wrestling when the opponent is in front of you on top and you are turtled
3. Rolling over the opponent using the most basic turtle roll when the opponent has the seatbet clinch on you and it is tight.

Gaining sensitivity and timing in these 3 techniques will help you get out of trouble fast when turtled.

For techniques I taught 2 sweeps and 2 attacks.
The attacks were the clock choke and crucifix armbar from top.
The sweeps/escapes were grabbing the pants and turning into closed guard/butterfly guard and also the full roll over sweep when the opponent has the collar and going for a collar choke.

I ended the class with 10 minutes of 2 minute rounds with one person turtled and the other on top so we could practice some of the techniques shown. It was basically specific sparring to give everyone a chance versus a resisting opponent. I find it best if this is not done at 100% strength but allowing the opponent to get a good position and test for any holes.

James was at the class today and 2 white belts so it was a big help to have him branch off and work with one of them. I think it is always important to have a coloured belt paired with a white belt to give them pointers. I also really enjoy the specific sparring and taking the emphasis off rolling to win and placing it on rolling to work technique and also help your partner. 

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