Wednesday, 10 February 2016

BJJ Day 717: Aching Knee

This week has been really cold but it feels like we are finally getting into spring. The thing is, my body seems to hurt more during this season and after Friday's lesson I felt my knee begin to stiffen up along the inside tendon. There was nothing that comes to mind during the class that hurt me so I've put it down to some freak twisting action that I never noticed while my body was warm. The worst injuries generally happen for the most mundane reasons. It's hard for me to bend right now so I was considering taking it easy and not training today but eventually went off to the dojo. James also contacted me to say he was injured. Weakness in the arm from weird nerve pain or something.

I still plan to teach mount escapes/attacks on Friday focusing on chokes this time and lower percentage escapes but something that may be useful. I'm trying to emphasize techniques that would have helped me as a white belt. Soon I will have to teach the dreaded side control escapes so not sure how that will go down as it has never been my strength. It should be a good opportunity for me to research it more though.

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