Friday, 13 March 2015

On the Mat Day 599: Low energy but fun training

I'm coming up to 2 months into P90X3 and also doing BJJ 3~4 times a week has taken its toll on me. I sort of feel like I have a cold but don't. I also took my blood pressure the other day and it was higher than usual by quite a bit. I think I'm overtraining so am taking yesterday to tomorrow off from P90X3 since it's the recovery week....I'm just foam rolling and stretching. Particularly the hamstrings.

It's good that James and I have decided to make the Friday 10am an official day on which we meet for nogi/self-defence otherwise I might have skipped today. It got me to go and I'm glad I did - as is always the case. Feel shit before training = feel amazing afterwards. Training really does remove the cobwebs on me both mentally and physically. Had some good rolls with James, tried to flow a bit more and so did he. I saw lots of bad areas I have to improve on such as shrimping the wrong way for instance.

I also asked F-sensei whether I was using too much strength when sparring. He told me I was using just the right amount but It feels like I overthink because I tend to stop and ponder what I need to do next while in that time he can capitalize on it and sweep me or attack. I know I have this problem and I think it's just part of my nature and so it may never improve.

Fun day, sun shining, feel happy.

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