Friday, 20 March 2015

On the Mat Day 604: More NoGi

I was overtraining with P90X3 so decided to skip a week and do nothing but BJJ. It was running my body down too fast and I had to prioritize. I'll hopefully feel better to pick it up next week.

Today I did nogi, Matt and I sparred for 2x 10 minute rounds and I felt much smoother in movement than I usually am. I'm working a lot on chokes like the Japanese necktie, Peruvian necktie, Darce choke and even a nogi baseball choke which is tricky because I don't have the finger grip down yet.

I carried on and trained in the normal gi wearing class after doing nogi so feel tired now. My goals recently are working on my breathing so that I breathe deeply into my stomach to calm myself during rolls and to sleep better using theta waves during sleep. Apparently, they allow you to relax and fall into a deeper more fulfilling sleep.

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