Friday, 27 February 2015

On the Mat Day 593: Training nogi

James and I came an hour earlier this morning before the normal class to do some nogi stuff. He didn't want to use a timer so we warmed up a little then started sparring. We went for two 10 minute rounds at a moderate pace. I kept trying to work the BJ Penn pass but don't get my knee in far enough to flatten the legs. I'll keep working on it. Nogi is fun but hard in a way because there are far less handles to hold onto since you don't use the gi. I also saw that I have a bad habit when inverting under legs, I leave my other leg hanging for a foot lock. I need to drill this to protect that foot.

At the end we also talked a went over a couple of self-defense moves, i.e. the head lock escape and when someone grabs your neck from behind. I think we are feeling out the format we want to take this one hour class. James suggested 30 mins nogi and 30 mins self-defense moves. Both of these interest me so I agreed. F-sensei said at the end it would be good if more people come. I think he likes the idea that we can provide more variety for people to join up. I would love for it to eventually be a room full of guys doing nogi for an hour and just rotating between opponents. I also like the long time for sparring, instead of 5-6 mins you go for 10 mins. This forced me to go at a slower relaxed pace and not rush things and expend energy too fast. You have to strategize more in terms of how much you want to push the opponent because you have the fatigue factor. Whatever the case, I am just happy to be on the mat mixing it up with something a little different.

Very tired right now though and look forward to a good sleep tonight zzzz.

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