Wednesday, 25 February 2015

On the Mat Day 592: Working out the aches

Armbar stack defense and escape
I feel so beat up right now. I've been training 3 days in a row and also doing P90X3 in the morning and it's catching up on me. Last night's training was good since there were a lot of people turned up for class. We covered closed guard armbar and spiderweb armbar escapes. Things like pushing the leg into your own and coming up and also the hitchhikers escape. I enjoyed it.

I tried to stay relaxed and loose while playing guard the entire night. I think I didn't stand up once. Lots of inverting and trying to get under the opponent. My back felt stiff this morning when I woke up but 30 minutes of yoga sorted it out but only temporarily.

Many of my attacks now are going for the omoplata or chaining it with triangles. Talking of triangles I was caught in a weird triangle the other night where my leg was also inside the triangle but I managed to pull out. It was very uncomfortable though and probably is the reason my neck is so sore today.

I've had a good few months training and keeping up a good place. I still have to be careful that I don't reinjure my groin though because it twinges from time to time.

I just started watching the Eddie Bravo Invitationals. Very inspiring guard work.

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