Friday, 30 January 2015

On the Mat Day 579: Armdrags

This week has been fun doing armdrags from a seated position. Here is a list of what we did.
1. Armdrag sleeve then rotate and pull them in with far lapel to take the back.
2. Armdrag sleeve then hips up to take the back while they are in a semi-turtled positon.
3. Armdrag to sitting back kimura lock.
4. Armdrag, they stand up then single leg them.
There were a couple more but we mostly did taking the back.

I've been feeling much better this week compared to last. Eating and sleeping well. I'm trying to intake more healthy fats in the form of nuts, avocados and coconut milk and oil while eating lots of chicken breasts and tuna. I buy a ton of nuts, raisins and dried fruit and mix it up into like a trail mix. I'll even drop in some dark chocolate to make it a bit tastier. I have very little cravings for junk food as I had over the xmas holidays. I experienced some moments of great clarity this week because of what I believe is my eating and sleeping well. P90X3 in the morning has been OK. I feel less sore this week than last and actually enjoyed the yoga on Wednesday.

During class today F-sensei paid me a complement, although indirectly. After we finished sparring he told me that he hasn't forgot about the Japanese necktie choke I caught him in a couple of weeks ago. I laughed out loud when he said that because I was so surprised that he remembered it. I seldom remember who I submitted or who submitted me unless it was extremely traumatic. I've been working on the choke for a while and catch it a lot from top half-guard but was lucky enough to get my hands clasped together behind his head that time. It's rare that it happens, his reactions are so fast like he knows exactly what I want to do. Today, for instance, I pulled him in with a spider guarded leg and was about to get my bottom leg into the single x-guard position. He anticipated it and pulled that leg back as soon as it landed and left me stranded. I was so taken back by his quick reaction that I completely forgot about what I should be doing next.

Furukawa-san and I drilled a little on guard retention. One of you runs around trying to pass (no hands) and the guarder simply uses his feet to maintain the correct angle. You can invert or gramby roll if they get too close too. I think it's a great drill to promote fluidity and plan to do this and other types of guard drill from now on.

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