Wednesday, 4 February 2015

On the Mat Day 582: Choked out cold

I had a first time experience last night at class. It was the first ever time I've been choked out and lost consciousness. I was sparring with a blue belt who has been coming a lot to class, maybe every day, so he has improved a lot over the last few months. I guess I underestimated him and stayed in turtle for far too long so he got my back and put on a collar choke from behind. At first it wasn't in deep but then he adjusted and pulled the collar under my chin. I tried to the escape that rarely works for me when I use both hands to pull his choking hand, give myself some room then flip his hook off so I can flip around to half-guard or side control. It didn't work again and I felt the choke cinching in but still in my mind I was working to get the hook off and flip around into turtle to escape. Then I woke up and people were looking at me weird.

I was unconscious apparently for about 3 seconds. I remember having a dream about my kids for some reason. Really peaceful and relaxed. It was quite pleasant and seemed to last for a long time. Then my vision returned and I saw I was at the club. I laughed because I could not believe what happened and asked him how long I'd been out and if my body shook as my brain reset. I didn't. I heard the instructor say that he would have tapped. The thing is, I didn't get a chance. I was fighting the choke then the next moment coming around. It was not painful because it was a blood choke so I could still breathe.

So what did I learn from this?

Last night training uchi-mata
I need to get my defense up (hands over neck) as soon as I am rear mounted then think about removing the hooks. I doubt I will use that escape again because it has failed me a lot. I should have cleaned my rear mount escapes up a long time ago. There have been a few instances where I've been in danger or lost in competition from rear mount but never worked on it. I will also try to be more active and attacking. I can't just relax and reserve energy with the lazy style I've adopted recently. I really need to be attacking constantly and there should be no delay between my movements.

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