Wednesday, 21 January 2015

On the Mat Day 574: BJJ, Power90X and Yoga.....

So I started P90X3 this Monday morning. I got up at 7.30 am and started the workout Total Synergistics. I didn't actually find this one hard. The only hard part was getting up in the freezing cold. After the workout I went off to train BJJ. We are doing omoplata this week.Tuesday I did Agility X, which was pretty fun and hard at the same time. It is a good workout to get my stamina back up to where it was at the end of last summer. Today I did Yoga this morning and then cycled to BJJ. I'm feeling extremely tired and worn down. This usually happens in the first week of starting a Beachbody program. My neck is stiff, my glutes are sore and I have a stretched muscle pain in my upper back but other than that I am sleeping 8 hours a day and eating better.

I noticed a new piece of equipment lying around at the club. A home-made Bulgarian Bag and just had to have a go with it. It is 18 kg and feels surprisingly heavy when twirling it around my neck. I have to keep my abs and back muscles tight to lift it correctly. It is a great tool, just like kettlebells, that makes you keep good spine alignment and build muscle and stamina. I plan to keep working with it after each morning class.

Home-made Bulgarian bag by Miura-san
Today's snack. Hard to find healthy snacks in Japan:(

At night I have been doing extra Yoga in an effort to improve my flexibility. It's a long mountain to climb but I enjoy the short stretches and the host of the session is nice to look at too.
Here is her first day of 30 on youtube. I recommend it.

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