Friday, 16 January 2015

On the Mat Day 571: BJJ Training then the Dentists

Such a mixed bag of a day. I woke up early bit into my toast and broke my tooth. It was an old filling that was probably the shit back 30 years ago but didn't hold up very well. It was shocking to me at first but it didn't hurt so I just packed my gear and went to class. As usual for this time of the year there weren't many people there. Luckily Matt turned up so I had someone tough to train with. We did a round of me in spider guard vs his passing then a round of just takedown. I felt quite energetic and don't gas so easily now that I am going 3 times a week on average. My fingers are also getting used to the spider guard grip again which is good and my brain is super active thinking about techniques.

I was among other things really trying to use Marcelo Garcia type escapes from side control or potential guard passes in which he uses a frame against their shoulder, neck or holds a lapel then scoots his hips away and turns back into the opponent. I was fairly successful with this movement, God knows I have been butt scooting a lot over these past 5 years.

Here is a video that really impressed me into learning how he does it. It made me very proactive and fight to stay out of side control. Usually I fight and fight, wait and wait, my guard is passed but I'm still on my back then I think "Oh, shit," and allow the opponent to drop onto me. Today I tried to move sooner as the pass is happening and it helped.

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