Sunday, 14 September 2014

On the Mat Day 523: Sunday Morning Drilling aka Perfecting Escapes

Omoplata sweep finish to armbar (no I'm not just sitting & chilling)

I got up at 7.30 am and headed to the club for drilling. I'm still in pain on my left side and I wonder if my groin and ab muscle is ever going to heal so I can start strengthening it. I wish I could try ultrasound on the injury but I was told it's too risky because of the close proximity to the family jewels.

Anyway, when I arrived this morning Yoshida-san and I began drilling until 2 other guys turned up then we split up. I worked on .... guess what? ....escapes! Last night I watched Pedro Sauer teach his blue belt curriculum and watched the small movements of his escapes. In particular I liked the side escape he uses where he shrimps, bring the leg in, pushes to flatten the opponent out and then uses the opponent's belt to move him slightly to take full guard. It works really well.

After finishing my escapes drills at the end I decided to take a look at an omoplata sweep and switching the hips around for an armbar at the end. I don't seem to have the right mobility in my hips yet so will work on this as it's a spot I often end up in. I also tested how well the Von Flue choke works against a guillotine choke and it was surprisingly painful. However, it only seems good for the arm out guillotine choke and I wonder what I could do against an arm in guillotine choke.

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