Friday, 12 September 2014

On the Mat Day 522: Mornings

So yesterday and today I cycled to the club for the morning class. There are hardly any people turn up but it gives me a good chance to test the water with my injury and also keep doing jiu-jitsu. I'm cycling all the way there and back in the hope of burning some calories. F-sensei is also trying to shed weight for the Asia Cup in November. He has lost 6 kg by jogging 10 km four nights a week. I hate jogging but the weather is nice now especially in the evening and wouldn't mind jogging but it would set me back. My groin and inner abdomen muscle are still painful when I run and if I play bottom during BJJ sparring. If I'm on top, it's not so bad.

F-sensei told me that in November, not only will we get visitors from Hawaii, but some guys will use our place to train who are from Guam. There are a lot of folks coming over (he said 50) so he may have to stagger classes. It should be an interesting time and a good opportunity to make friends from both those locations since I plan to visit both in the future, them being popular holiday resorts from Japan.

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