Friday, 19 September 2014

On the Mat Day 525: Early Cycle to Train BJJ

Got on my bicycle again and went to the club this morning. Kawai and Tanaka were there and its been a long time since I've met up with Kawai at the club. Was good to see him. He's deaf but he laughs so loud that it's contagious. He asked me if I was still injured and I told him where it was so we had a nice slow roll. He is much heavier than me but just tried to flow roll really. It's so important to have these kind of partners to roll with. Many at our club, especially the higher belts, if you tell them you are injured, they will go easy so you can get some mat time rolling. Many times today I caught myself from wanting to go hard and pulled back a lot. I like these type of rolls, they really invigorate me and also show gaping holes in my game when I move badly or too slow despite the other guy going slow.

Japanese squat and poop style toilet!!
F-sensei told me that a new guy who just had his 3rd class and is 42 years old has broken his ribs. He wasn't sure how it happened because K-sensei was taking the class. We talked a little about preventing it and he said it's always best to let higher belts roll with new guys so there is no ego involved and they don't get hurt. I totally agree. That is a paying customer off the books for a few months and possibly he may quit. It's also a potential sparring partner for me gone, which bums me out because I want to see classes filled with 10 plus people every time. I still think about F-sensei reaching his goal of 200 students then moving the gym to a new place with state of the art equipment, hot showers and a western style toilet.

Be nice to new guys!

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