Friday, 6 December 2013

On the Mat Day 436: Passing Lasso Spider Guard

Continuing the passing guard theme, F-sensei showed us what to do against an opponent when they have the lasso spider guard on you. He said it was important to first remove the standard spider guard hold then work on the lasso hold. One of the better techniques I could do was this:
Shuffle backwards so the opponent comes up on their backside then quickly do a steering wheel turn so their leg with the standard spider hold touches the mat, use your closest foot to pin that leg to the mat and pull up to remove that grip. Use the hand you just released on their lasso spider leg and, placing it on their ankle with a C-grip hold, move that side leg back and bring the foot of their lasso hold down and against your knee. Push your knee forward to pop out the lasso hold and push their foot past your arm to the outside. You can then switch to a knee cutter pass from there.

There were 3 other members besides myself today. During sparring, I find myself pissing about too much when locking on a triangle with my legs. Meanwhile, the opponent is either working hard to escape or suffering because I am an inch away from submission but cannot get it - I feel bad because I should be able to get it within seconds once it's on but sometimes can't, it's like a wounded animal in a trap and I've got no more bullets in my gun. I am improving slightly though. I either switch to armbar or omoplata, or hold the head and readjust my legs. I tried to squeeze my legs today to get the tap but didn't so had to eventually turn him over into top triangle.

At the end I spent what must have been 30 minutes with Furukawa-san doing Lapeloplata and Berimbolo. He was actually very good at it. I was impressed at how fast he caught on. On the other hand I feel clumsy doing it but this also is getting better little by little. I either take the back (rare), come up to leg drag pass (common) or mount (seldom). Hell, it's fun so I will keep doing it.

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