Sunday, 8 December 2013

On the Mat 437: Uchikomi Time on the Open Mat

Yoshida-san started a class from 7-9 am every Sunday morning. It's basically an open mat session in which the clock goes off every 3 minutes and during that time you get to drill whatever you want. Then you switch with your partner.

I arrived a little late at around 7:10 am and there were already a few people there. Yoshida, Kondo, Morita and Spunky. Later on Atsushi and Ogiyama for a total of seven. Up until now only Yoshida and Kondo have been doing these drills in the morning and it shows. That's why I think many more of us are starting to turn up, because we see how effective this training can be. Up until now all I've done is sparring. But you never of seldom get feedback from your rolling partner. Doing this type of open training ensures that you have time to not only get feedback but can work out problems you are coming up against together. There is much more time to talk about techniques and cement them into your mind and body.

Here is a list of some things I worked on:

knee slicer pass
Sitting guard
Deep half guard
Lasso spider to berimbolo
Berimbolo to mount, back or leg drag pass
Lasso spider to Amazon sweep
KOB to armbar/darce combination

I think I probably did too much and should concentrate on 1 specific thing. It might be even good to even reduce it to 1 pass, 1 throw, 1 sweep, 1 submission OR just work combinations from 1 guard. It's certainly interesting and shows me holes in my techniques, especially when someone comes over and asks me what to do in some situation. I'm not used to teaching so my explanations are very rough.

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