Thursday, 5 December 2013

On the Mat Day 435: Passing Spider Guard

F-sensei taught how to get out of spider guard. They either involved moving back from the opponent while bringing your elbows in tight, or getting the soles of his feet off your biceps and pushing into him to almost turn him over. I think the best pass for me is to grip the inside of the pants at the calf, pull my elbows in and shuffle backwards, allow their feet to drop down but not to the floor, swivel them on their backside and knee on belly them, switch the hands on the pants and underhook the head. This felt the most smooth for me to complete so I will use this.

There were many attendees, enough so that F-sensei decided to take a picture of us all. Atsushi brought along a friend from the police force who had judo experience. I also got to spar with Ito-san who is actually really tough. I could not sweep him with my favourite techniques and he either got me in an Ezekiel choke from side mount of a kimura. I tried the escapes from kimura but they didn't work for me, I need to refine it I guess. I think maybe I allowed him to get his grip too far on me.

Later on I tried to play around with Galaxy guard, lol at that name. I am also incorporating Berimbolo into my game and got some success with it. I actually like doing it and it causes me no back or neck problems.

It was a really fun night to train - I hope for many more.

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