Friday, 29 November 2013

On the Mat Day 433: Freezing My Feet Off

I've been busy translating a lot of work this week so was happy to finally get to class last night. The mats were so freezing I could hardly feel my toes. The other guys wear a soft sock-like wrestling boot but I go barefoot because I'm hardcore. I may just take my wrestling shoes though because it will get worse.

Yoshida, Kondo, Hajime and F-sensei were all there - the numbers are thinning due to the cold weather. Apparently nobody turned up to the Tsurumai dojo. Only the guys who truly love BJJ do it at this time of year here.

We went over omoplata and what to do when the opponent flips forward or tries to come across your head to the other side to escape. When he flips forward you can armbar or keep rolling forward into another omoplata, if he comes across then you block, grab his legs and roll him. I actually got an omoplata on sensei from full guard but he got out of it because I went for a wrist lock which gave him time to pop over the top of me. I've been wearing a mouth piece recently because I'm sick of getting smacked in the chops. Speaking of which, Yoshida took me down with a lapel wrap under my leg, I tried to flip my leg over the wrap but my foot smacked into his face and I thought I'd broken his nose. He probably should have kept his head high and hips forward while I should not have struggled too much to get back to guard and instead move to turtle then re-guard. I felt bad but shit happens.

Stephan Kesting made a video recently about the latest trend of using the lapels like a spider guard grip. I find it interesting especially since Teo, a black belt who comes to our gym now and again used something similar on me and I could not pass.

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