Wednesday, 11 July 2012

On the Mat Day 280: Butterfly Sweeps

We trained butterfly guard transitioning into armdrag and take the back, underhook and sweep to the side, countermeasure to opponent posting their leg by transitioning to X-guard and a few other variations. I'm not really good at butterfly but have used the transition to X-guard before so enjoyed seeing the details of it during this lesson.

Having woken at 6 am and done my Tapout workout I was feeling very fatigued by the end of class. So much so I felt a little light headed. The summer heat is also taking its toll on me. During sparring I hate myself for transitioning into turtle and staying there too long. I am using it as a crutch. If I feel I have the space and the opponent is not locked onto me I usually quickly gramby roll. If not I piss about doing very little while the opponent works for grips and hooks. I need to stop doing this. F-sensei has hurt his foot but still he can plow through me. He usually starts the roll playing possum while I try my best to find a grip or isolate an arm to no avail. He is like a ball of flesh until he begins his escape. I need to be the same and keep my elbows tighter and my collar more protected. I have decided to work hard on escapes and let people get me into bad situations.

On a positive note, I feel great today after getting an amazingly deep sleep. This is a good thing because I have the Plyometrics workout waiting for me when I get home.

Sparring time: 4 x 5 mins = 20 mins

Notable moments: Using a counter to an armbar defence which I have not had so much success at. Trying for sitting sweeps with little success, what am I doing wrong? The opponent backs up and pulls out his leg. There must be something.

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