Tuesday, 9 March 2010

On the Mat Day 55: Choke from Mount

I found out that one of the guys got his foot twisted badly on the weekend competition. It was a no-gi competition and his leg got trapped between the opponents legs and he just twisted it using both hands and something popped. Maybe his knee or ankle. They're not sure. That must have been nasty. I'll post a video of him in the competition once I get it off my camera.

Fukuzumi-sensei asked me if I had a request tonight because he hadn't decided what technique to teach for the week. I was totally stumped at first because the question was so out of the blue and there are so many things I want to work on. I eventually said chokes from the mount because I'm not sure how they work apart from the Ezekiel choke (sodegurumajime). It was really good practice. I think I have the basic chokes down and they are much less complicated than the triangle chokes last week.

I sparred but felt tired tonight. First round was with Kensuke who is a tough kid because he does judo. He has a strong base and is 10+ kilos heavier than me. He just went balls to the wall. I'm wary of him throwing me so mostly tried dropping to x-guard. He puts a lot of pressure on me and I have to watch the guard passing when they suddenly move in the other direction. He eventually got me with an armbar. I think I noticed an extra stripe on his belt, which was weird because I'm not aware of our dojo using stripes. I really really need to get my cardiovascular fitness on a kickass level. I'm still trying to work my way from turtle into guard, it doesn't always work for me but I have some success with it.

Total sparring rounds 6 x 6 mins = 36 mins

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