Thursday, 11 March 2010

On the Mat Day 56: Armbar from Mount

The temperature dropped suddenly and this was probably what led to there not being many people there tonight. Just me, another white belt and Tete-kun. We worked the armbar from a high mount position and I'm getting used to the sliding to the head part.

During sparring I still couldn't get a choke on the other white belt despite him being smaller than me. He has 6 months more time put in than me but I think I go to class more. I really need to think about working something from the rear naked choke. I was completely tooled by the other belts and especially Suzuki-san who is purple and arrived late. He must have submitted me 7 times in a 7 minute period. The first two subs were exactly the same pattern, I get taken down, he mounts then scissor chokes me. Really humiliating and another chip at my ego which is gradually being chipped away to nothing. I used to look at little guys here and think they looked so weak but now I look and people and wonder what they are hiding. Perhaps they are a BJJ practitioner and could handle themselves. Chances are that as a percentage of the population, I have little chance of getting into any sort of scuffle with another BJJ guy. I never go out anyway so that decreases the chance of that.

Got worked good tonight for sure. Cut my lip and my face is sore from gi burns. Had a huge gi burn on my chest and the ring finger on my left hand is throbbing because the knuckle is swollen.

Next time out I need to try some things:
1. More turtle to guard
2. Don't be sloppy turtling out to the side and taking the back
3. More pressure when I am on top (ask sensei about getting better at this)
4. Get in half-guard to work the Lockdown and sweep more

Total sparring rounds 5 x 7 mins = 35 mins

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