Thursday, 10 December 2009

Day 32: Omoplata

Omoplata apparently means the scapula area in Brazilian. That's the joint that is stressed during this technique. Fukuzumi-sensei showed us a ton of moves based on omoplata and to be quite frank, it is so hard to remember any of them. I feel like I'm in overload with technique and when I try to remember after class all I see is a blur. I've concluded that it's best for me to write down and remember 2 moves that I liked and try to use them.

I can totally understand why a high percent of newcomers to jiu-jitsu quit within a year. It is really hard because as a new white belt I get my weak-ass guard passed and crushed into the mat. It's very frustrating because the art takes a long time to get good at. It requires a lot of brain work and I can see the smart people who come to class excel at jiu-jitsu. Hell if I will quit though. There is a sadistic nature to me that enjoys and hates the smashing I get. I have to be happy with small advances; perhaps a success at doing a certain escape, moving to guard or remembering a new move.

I had 6 sparring fights tonight and felt really queasy by the end. I have a feeling that it's because I am so hungry by the time I get home my stomach churns for food. I admit that I am eating shit recently. Not enough vegetables and my strength/cardio has ebbed. I need to sort this out after the new year. On a good note, my ears, despite being bent in all sort of directions, are holding up well and there is no pain. They have changed shape a bit but all is good for now. - Touchwood.

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