Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Day 31: More Triangle Chokes

Tonight was so god damn freezing. It's around 2 degrees outside and it wasn't much warmer inside the dojo. I could hardly feel my feet. Maybe I should get some socks with grips on the bottom for winter. There are some folks who wear socks until they are warmed up.

I performed really crap tonight. It was quite depressing. I managed to pass one guy's guard which I never could before. He is very slippery though. A Brazilian guy came who teaches capoeira. He joins the sparring too. I think he must do jiu-jitsu once a week when he comes and maybe some with his brother. He still manages to thrash the folks at the dojo. I was a little reticent to spar against him because I had such a bad time last time. Plus the fact that I felt lousy tonight. I should really push myself to fight people who I don't want to. I kick myself afterwards for being a pussy. I dunno what holds me back really. I seem to run hot and cold when I do jiu-jitsu. My brain was not switched on tonight. When this happens it seems to be a combination of night training after a day at work and I wear my blue gi. I think my white one is luckier somehow.

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