Saturday, 12 December 2009

Day 33: Triangle and Omoplata

I was in a lazy mood today. Woke up late and made strawberry ice-cream with my new ice-cream maker. Tasted really good and probably much better than the stuff in the shops health-wise. When I decide to lose some more weight I can more than likely make some great sorbets with it and perhaps add a little protein powder in there too.

The wife and kids were out tonight at a friends out. I had no car to take me through the cold night to the dojo. I actually thought about not going tonight. About 5.30 pm I did Yoga because my body was feeling really stiff. When I finished I popped in a Saulo Ribeiro DVD on guard passing. This got me in the mood for jiu-jitsu so I got on my bike, put on my wooly hat and cycled the 30 minutes it takes to get to the dojo. When I arrived I still didn't feel like doing any physical activity but by the end I am glad I did. It all goes back to mental strength. When you don't want to exercise but still do and the end result is that you feel great, you know it was the mind telling you to be normal, get fat, eat shit and generally never achieve greatness. On the other hand, if I still felt crap by the end, I'd call it overtraining.

There were a lot of folks tonight. I had 5 sparring sessions at 6 minutes each. Continually crushed but I got a few recoveries from side control. Need to work on escaping North-South. Got choked a few times, too. A brown belt and purple belt gave me a few tips during rolls and after. I think this is a good sign that they believe I'm serious about jiu-jitsu. I'm often there at 3 times a week and always ask them stuff. I'm also aware that as a newbie they probably don't think I will last.

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