Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Yoga Bedtime

The kids went to bed early last night. It's probably a result of the weather getting colder. It's always nice to tuck up inside a warm futon when the wind is howling outside. That gave me time to do a 30 minute yoga session. It just wound me down after a busy and exhausting day. Yoga is great for recovery and I couldn't live without it. I have a lot of tightness in my left hamstring and the back of my right hip. The stretching helped.

I told myself to get to bed soon after that but Youtube lured me into a slightly later night that I wanted. It's just so addictive. I started off watching some BJJ and ended up watching some old geezer in Japan who believed he could defeat people using his "ki" power. Needless to say an MMA guy took him up to the challenge and stomped him into the floor. I just don't get those people who train at dojo's where moves are fake and ineffective. I love how the belt system in BJJ is so strict and actually having a colored belt means so much.

My ears are swollen right now. Any time my hand brushes against them I wince with the pain. I'll still go to training tonight. The pain seems to disappear during sparring and come back only when I lay my head on the pillow to sleep.

When I was a kid at school there was a huge potrait of Conan the Barbarian in the canteen. He sat resting his sword in his hands with the caption, "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger." I always revert back to that picture when I am in pain. I wonder if the artist ever thought his work would affect the hundreds of blazer-clad boys who gathered near that picture while waiting for their lunch. Thank you R E Howard.

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