Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Day 17: Omoplata

It was damn cold last night. I was so glad that I bought a pair of under-armour leggings to keep me warm. While stretching at the start I just kept thinking "tonight I'll never break out in a sweat" but I did later on during sparring. There were a lot of people, probably because the following day (today) is a national holiday and the dojo is closed. Fukuzumi-sensei said that some of them will go to another dojo to train and invited me. That would have been cool to go but I can't make it. This other place does jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts as well.

We practiced the omoplata after a failed armbar. I'm still at the stage of wondering which way I turn to submit. I probably need to solo drill hip movements to get some speed. There were a couple of new people tonight. Just started I guess. 2 little Japanese guys. It will be interesting to spar with them later to see where my game is at.

I had 6 bouts tonight. 2 white belt, 1 blue belt, 1 purple belt and 2 brown belts. Yoshida who has been training for a year and is still white (this is normal) did an excellent throw on me that totally caught me off guard. I asked him to show me and I've added it to my repertoire. Tete-kun also did a reverse from Kesagatame and I asked him to show me. Another escape in the bag! I feel like a hungry child craving for knowledge. Gimme more moves, gimmee gimmee. I couldn't sleep last night. My brain keeps revolving around moves while my body throbs from aching muscles.

On the food front. I haven't been eating so well. Too much sweet things. I actually hate eating chocolate now but I'm constantly hungry and it's the only type of food readily available. I eat 2 pieces of fruit before training but no way near enough vegetables. I need to sort my diet out now because I am going to lose muscle and gain fat and doing training without adequate nutrition is just bad. So let me makes some promises to myself now. These are my goals for this month.

1. Eat 2 pieces of fruit every day
2. Eat 1 chicken breast and 1 can of tuna every day
3. Eat 4 helpings of vegetables every day
4. Snack on nuts, dried fruit, boiled eggs, homemade protein bars/fruit bars
5. Eat more avocado, oily fish and 1 teaspoon of olive oil per day
6. Replace tea and coffee with green tea

1. Train BJJ 3 times a week
2. Stretch or yoga once a week
3: Any cardio workout once per week (around 30-60 mins)
4. Do an ab routine 2-3 times a week

That should give me an edge over the other guys at the dojo.

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