Thursday, 5 November 2009

Day 18: Triangle Choke

It seems a universal law that when you are not in the mood or think of a million excuses to not do a workout, but actually end up doing the workout, then you have a great time and really enjoy it. It's getting colder now, my ears are hurting and I have lots of aches and pains so it was hard to drag myself to the dojo last night. Though, I did go and had a great session.

We practiced the triangle choke which I'm familiar with but Fukuzumi-sensei gave us some pointers as to how to still get the choke even when the opponent is resisting. Very interesting stuff. Sometimes my jaw just drops when I see how something is done because it is either so cool looking or I'm just amazed at how possible it is to easily manipulate the opponents body.

I had 5 bouts tonight. 2 white, 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 brown. The white belt vs white belt are always exhausting. I caught Asushi-kun with an armbar from guard then he tried to use spider guard and I heel locked his foot (it's the only thing of I know to stop it). I caught the blue belt in an americana (same as last time) and he got me with an armlock. Akira caught me in a guillotine choke twice! I need to be more careful about chokes, maybe learn some escapes or preventions and I have to watch out for keeping my arms straight in dangerous positions. When sparring with Koyama (brown belt) and I was in his guard, he said that I am strong, I thought this to mean that I was putting too much power into my technique but he said "No, that it was a good thing." I came down hard in one bout, my arms pinned so I couldn't breakfall so I landed on my shoulder and side of my head. Saw stars for a few seconds but recovered. Hurt though. I like all the guys at the club, there is a good atmosphere and I really could not think of training anywhere else.

I used creatine yesterday. About 3 grams. Anything more and I get the runs. I think as a result my arms have recovered faster.

Here is a new throw I learnt. Still haven't perfected it but did it last night with some amount of success.

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