Friday, 13 November 2009

Day 21: More chokes

So this seems to be the theme this week. Choking people out. It's good though because I need to work on this more. During sparring I used more chokes because it upsets the balance of your opponent and he just may slip an arm out or make a mistake that you can take advantage of.

I had 5 sparring bouts. 2 white, 2 blue, 1 black belt. I felt really good against the 2 blue belts. They were both former judo players and feel quite strong when standing. The first guy used to squash me into the mat the first few weeks I started at the dojo, not anymore. I am getting better at escapes from side control. I actually kept him in my guard for friggin ages, trying to get a choke or an armbar. That felt good. The other guy was younger and at one point I grabbed his collar and nearly threw him across the room. It was funny. Both he and I underestimated my strength and he just looked at me with shock as he stumbled to his knees. I was too slow to take advantage of it though later I succeeded in maintaining back control. Although, I need to really work on getting chokes from that position.

At the end of the class I broke out my bag gloves and beat on the punch bag for 10 minutes. A lot of the guys there are so focused on grappling that they commented on how hard I hit the bag. I'm not a great puncher but I think I have heavy hands. It was just good to whack at the bag to squeeze out the last bit of stress for the night. I left the dojo feeling like I wanted to shout out to them, "That was a great night, guys - thank." I didn't though.

The morning I warmed up with Yoga. It really does help my game.

Some of the chokes we did are shown in this vid.

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