Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Day 20: Choke Escapes

It was a real shitty day last night with all the rain and traffic. I was still the first one to the dojo so knew it would be a slow night. I don't know why but I always feel apprehensive about going, maybe I'm worried about getting tapped out too much or getting injured. When I start sparring though, I will tap when I have to, especially for any joint locks. Chokes though, I will struggle a little to try and get out of them. After the lesson I always feel great though. Always feel like the last 2 hours were well spent and love jiu-jitsu.

We studied choke escapes with the opponent taking the back. I actually got to use one of them during sparring which boosted my confidence. The first white belt who is around 80 kg and pretty strong (used to play American football) gave me a good fight. I got him in kesa-gatame then locked his arm through my legs to put pressure on the elbow. He tapped but I didn't think he would and was slow in seeing it. I was surprised really. Thought he would have fought it because it wasn't clean. I was actually trying to get an Americana but couldn't turn his arm. He's a coo guy though but I think he was pissed off that I submitted him. He has 5 months up on me and I think that might be going through his head. It's best he doesn't let that bother him though or he his progress will slow. The other white belt was small. Maybe 65 kg and he never fails to impress me with his ability to hold me back. His guard is so hard to pass. I've noticed that small people move really fast and their legs can be hell to pass. I sparred with the teacher, a brown belt and a purple. I've noticed them going a bit harder on me now. That's a good sign. They probably think I'm improving.

I think my body is becoming use to the training and the creatine helps too. My arms are not as blasted as they used to be. It was the 20th lesson as well! I'm getting through them fast. Here is to lesson 40 and I hope I continue to get better. Tonight I think I'll throw in some yoga.

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