Sunday, 15 November 2009

Day 22: Yet More Chokes

I didn't feel so great today. Start of a sore throat, maybe a cold or something. Probably something I picked up from the kids. My little girl is running around with a snotty nose. Anyway, all day I kept telling myself to go to training tonight then that other voice, the mediocre voice, as I like to think of it because that's what it wants you to be, was telling me not to go. I took a nap around 5pm for just shy of an hour and felt better. Got up and went to the Dojo before the mediocre voice could convince me otherwise.

There were a lot of folk there tonight. Mostly white and blue which means a rough night because everyone goes hell for leather trying to submit each other. I went up against 6 people in all. That's 7 mins x 6 = 42 mins of total rolling. Of course I have rests but it is still a hell of a workout. A big blue belt, who uses lots of power, submitted me with a choke from behind. I always try to resist a little, take it to the last minute then tap. There are times when I've gotten out of the chokes. The blue belt was really gassing though. It was shocking how bad his cardio was. He was breathing like he'd just finished a 400 metre sprint. I still felt fresh. The last minute he was so beat that I got side control and was about to work on something but the timer sounded. I just need to work on tiring him out fast. I did feel that my body was responding so well during training. I do feel a bit under the weather and put my bad night down to that.

Things I need to work on:
1. When opponent takes my back in turtle, I need to flip his hook off when I roll him over.
2. Work out some rules for stacking against triangle chokes. i.e. which way to move.
3. Improve my chokes. I need to latch onto the collar faster.

I took creatine 3g last night. I think it helped recovery.

Been reading a book by Eddie Bravo about the Twister. Really interesting. I could get into some of that.

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