Sunday, 1 November 2009

Day 16: Armbars

I'm in my 2nd month of Jiu-jitsu now. I'm glad that I've been able to average out about 3 lessons per week. I'd really like to do more. My mind and heart wants to increase the frequency but my body can't quite recover fast enough to cope with it.

We practices armbars from the full guard. There were only 3 of us today so I got a lot of much needed drilling in. I must confess that I mess up when deciding which way to push out my backside when shrimping. I guess I am slow or something but I finally worked out a rule to keep the damn technique in my head. The armbar from this position is a great move to use vs strikers. If someone starts to pound you it's possible to catch the arm and force an armbar. You see it in a lot of UFC and Pride fights so this shit works. It really does create a huge amout of force on the elbow to pop that joint out.

The Brazillian guy came in today. He seemed tired and I worked on keeping my base strong when caught in full guard so as not to get swept. I'm reading "Passing the Guard" by Ed Benville and Tim Cartmell and already it has helped me.

Coming home on the bicycle I got caught in the rain and so stopped off at a bakery for a sandwich. The woman at the cash register asked me to throw a dice and if I got 1, I would get the bread I bought for half price. And Boom! what do you know but I threw a 1! I guess it was karma for making up to me for getting stuck in the rain and not cursing the world, God, or anyone who happened to cross my path.

At the end of the class the guys were talking about the World Cup Mundials in 2010 Los Angeles. One of the brown belts is going to it. You can enter from blue belt level but not white. I would love to go to LA and enter that competition. Be a great experience to bump into all those great athletes.

I recently found a video of Fukuzumi-sensei who teaches me jiu-jitsu. He represented Japan in a competition of Japan vs Brazil. He lost badly but props to him for representing the Japanese side of Jiu-jitsu. Really makes me feel that I am getting instructions from a great teacher.

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