Friday, 30 October 2009

Day 15: Wrist Submissions

Met Michael today to practice some basic techniques at the sports center. We worked on a few escapes. He seems to catch on fast. At the end we did a little sparring, just 3 minutes of rolling followed by another 3 minutes of Michael in side control and me escaping. It was very easy for me to overpower Michael with sweeps, mostly because he was tense, as I am during sessions at the dojo. I think it helped me to see from the other side and probably reinforced the fact that I need to relax during sparring.

There were a lot of people tonight. A brown belt who is also a surfer (with a mad brown tan and dyed hair) came. He isn't very regular but damn is he good. He doesn't seem to use any power at all but he submitted a purple belt who is really good 4 times during a 7 minute bout. I didn't get any submissions tonight but instead just worked on escaping. Didn't fight any other white belts either. Those bouts are always crazy. They say that 2 white belts fighting always try to kill each other. And it's true. I noticed a white belt with 2 stripes tonight. A young guy who is going into the self-defence force. Besides the Brazilian guy, he is the first white belt I've seen with stripes. I think he won a competition and was probably awarded one of them. Not sure if I like how my dojo is so sports orientated. I prefer the self-defence aspect more. All I want to do be able to do is protect myself in a street fight, take the guy down, choke him out or break his arm. I think just a year of BJJ would give you an edge over anyone who has no grappling skills in a real fight. The Brazilian guy continued to press me into the floor last night. Tete-kun showed me a nice escape that I could probably use next time. The higher belts seem to look out for me. I think and hope that it's a result that I train a lot and give it 100% all the time.

On the way home I caught sight of a racoon as it jumped in front of my headlights. I live in a fairly built-up area of the city with a huge park next to me but it was a big surprise to see a wild animal like that out at night. Apparently, Japan has bears, boars and monkeys in the wild. I've seen a few snakes too but nothing as big as a racoon. I wonder if it's an omen, like a black cat running in front of me.

I have so many aches and pains this morning I just don't know which part of my body hurts the most. I think I'll take a trip to a hot spring this weekend to chill out. My body is definately getting more resistant to pain. Surpringly enough, it doesn't take as long as I thought to heal and recover either at my age. I take Zinc at night when I feel my body needs to heal. It seems to help so far plus it has the effect of helping stabilize male hormones. Was really hard to sleep last night. My mind will never shut off after training BJJ. It keeps going over what I did wrong or asking questions about how to do some technique.

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