Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Day 4 at the Dojo

I seem to injure myself easily so it was with a lot of anxiety that I went to the Dojo tonight. I think this anxiety stems from the fact that the white belt role is "survival". Most of the time during sparring I am facing upwards trying to struggle free from side control, mount or stuck in someone's guard. It's tough and can get claustrophobic when the opponents entire weight is pressing you into the floor.

Another white belt my level was there, young guy 80 kg and taller than me. I thought he would kill me during sparring but he didn't and I may have even got the best of him just I couldn't finish the submission. I got side control once on Tete-kun and he acknowledge that I did a good job, just before rolling me away.

We studied pulling the opponent to the side of guard position and then working on submissions from there, such as taking the back and chokes. There were lots of variations and watching it just makes my head spin because there is so much to learn. The learning curve in jiu-jitsu is huge. I've not experience a martial art like this before.

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