Friday, 9 October 2009

Day 5 at the Dojo

Last night was a great workout. The class was full of white belts which meant there was a good chance I wouldn't spend the entire lesson being pressed into the floor. We went over techniques of pulling the opponents arm into the side and controlling him with back mount and several other patterns. I actually pulled one off during sparring which is a first. The first sparring match I got the guy with an armbar. I could feel him tiring easily, in fact, last night was weird because I was working on preserving my energy and felt a lot of the guys tiring because they were using lots of arm strength. The 2nd guy, Yoshida-san kept me in his guard the entire time. It was really frustrating because I couldn't break out. His legs were strong and he kept trapping one of my arms. Nearly caught me in an armbar but a minute before the end caught me in an omoplata move because I hestitated about which way to roll to escape. (I was amazed to find out later that Yoshida-san who looks rather thuggish with his shaved head is a urologist!) The next fight was with Tete-kun and I used a spinning escape when he side mounted. It worked suprisingly well and I was stunned when I got out and returned to full guard. I saw his face drop for a second. He probably wondered where the hell I learnt it. youtube baby, youtube. You know people say that you cant learn shit from watching youtube. That's wrong. You can learn a hell of a lot. Granted, some of the stuff on there is not effective and cannot replace a real in-the-flesh sensei but its helps the education...just as books do to. I spend the next fight working on my defence. Guarding the collar against back mount attacks and sinking low which worked really well.


Last night had to have been the best lesson so far. I have improved so much in only a week. It is amazing how easier things get during grappling if you learn an extra move or two. An escape here, a trick there. I took my protein and glutamine last night after getting home and I think that helped with the muscle fatigue today.

Talked to Tete-kun last night about cauliflower ear. He said he got his in just one year! Damn. He also brought his girlfriend along and she was smoking. I told him how lucky he was that she shared his hobby. All I got when I went back home was the wife whineing about me not coming home 30 minutes sooner. The situation seemed to worsen when I told her that I had a great time at jiu-jitsu. I think she has an envious nature and got a little angry because I was out having fun (although painful fun) while she was at home taking care of the kids. She has a poisionous nature at times and I shake my head in wonder why I put up with it. Such is married life.

P.S. ordered a white Gi last night because one is not enough. Get it on Saturday. Some of the guys have like 10!

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