Sunday, 4 October 2009

Day 3: At the Dojo

I did a lot of stretching yesterday. Yoga with Tony and then later on a bit of my own stretching. My hand is healing suprisingly fast. Swelling went down and there is less pain. There were a lot of people at the club last night, 3 guys (2 brown and 1 purple belt) from a MMA club and they were all pretty good. I feel like a fish out of water at times. It is hard starting again at first position and having to climb the ladder. Starting a martial art is a lot easier for a younger man. Although, I'm trying to keep an open mind and learn the techniques, they seem so complicated at times. I think it is much easier to learn a striking art than jiu jitsu.

Being Sunday today, there was only me a blue, brown belt and the teacher. After learning some moves from standing, we did some sparring. The blue belt guy was really strong, they all feel strong in the arms. I don't know if they are all freakisly strong or that they are using the right techniques and leverage. My arms just felt like they were going to fall off. I tried to put some glutamine in my drink at the end of the session and they just kept shaking and powder was falling off the spoon. The side of my neck has some pain from chokes and my right toe is sore, the thing is, I don't remember getting injured there.

Until I get used to sparring and can conserve my energy more, I am going to do softer workouts such as Yoga on my off days. I think it's the way to go for my recovery.

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