Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Day 14: Kimura

Starting at a jiu-jitsu dojo is both a humbling and a fun experience. I spent most of the night being pressed into the floor and it was so frustrating. I try to escape of course but have trouble getting away. Koyama showed me how to shrimp back into guard. I tried it but am still not adept enough to do it during sparring. The fun part comes from the comradeship that all the guys have for each other. Even though these guys tap each other out on a daily basis, their is a strong bond between them all. I never felt this kind of atmosphere when I did karate as a kid. It was always each man for himself.

I had blood all over my white gi. It wasn't mine. Turns out it was from one of the guys ears. He had to tape it up to stop it. My ear are feeling puffy still but I don't give a shit. Ears along with feet are probably the ugliest part of the body anyway.

I keep getting owned by everyone in the class. I am at the bottom of the food chain. It annoys me that I am, but hell, what can I do about it but grit my teeth, shut the fuck up, and keep training. There was a little voice in my head tonight saying, "You can't do this. It's hard. It hurts." But I ignored it and told myself I would keep doing it, jiu-jitsu is for life. I can be stubborn like that.

What did I study tonight?
Wrist and elbow locks from standing and guard otherwise know as the armbar and kimura.

Before I went training, I had a banana and tangerine. It just gets me by. I've been getting a lot of cramp lately in my calf muscles. Potassium in bananas is supposed to help prevent cramp and it seemed to work tonight. No cramp, not a twinge. I pledge to eat a banana before each session. Let the wife watch out if there are no bananas in the house! I'll get the monkey patrol on her. I also did 20 mins of yoga and used the foam roller which helped to stretch me out and prevent injuries. Yoga with Tony(P90X Horton) is so cool. Just inspiring. The guy is 50 and he looks like a greek statue.

Greek statue of the female kind.

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